Safety Awards
Through the efforts of our work force we have been recognized for our safe work sites. The awards have been presented by the industries we serve, peers that have recognized us and the regulators that are a part of our industry. Some of the awards are found below.

  • Golden Gate Recognition Award - We have received this award on 5 different job sites. This process looks at our safety programs, the implementation of those programs, and makes several jobsite visits prior to award.
  • MCAA Company of the year 2012
  • BP gold award for safety excellence for 8 straight years
  • KinderMorgan Contractor of the year 2011 Business Unit Contractor Appreciation Award Conducted Field Service Tasks for the Products Pipelines (USA/Canada) for the past 1 year with the best safety performance. We were awarded this from a field of 500 contractors.
  • NRG  DEPC Supplier of the Year 2012
  • Chevron Pipe Line  Contractor Health Environment & Safety 2012 Outstanding Project Award.
  • BP US Pipelines & Logistics  Contractor Safety Award 2011 For our your achievement in working accident free for 8 years.
  • CAL/OSHA  Golden Gate Partnership Recognition Award This was awarded for implementing and maintaining an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) during the Cal/OSHA Consultation Service visit on 5 of our sites. To receive the award Cal/OSHA visited each site several times, reviewed our programs and then made a final inspection.



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