Projects / Scripps Green Parking

Location: La Jolla, CA

Enclosed on three sides by the existing terrain, the Scripps Green Parking Structure was designed and built into the existing hillside. A challenging project on which there is a street level on the roofline of one side of the structure while the opposite end the structure opens to the street level four levels down. Spanning four levels (1 below grade) and 255,055 square feet, this design-build parking structure accommodates 797 cars for Scripps Green Hospital. It consists of long-span, post-tensioned, cast-in-place construction and is outfitted with hydraulic elevators, parking controls, video cameras, emergency call systems, electronic wayfinding, and a custom facade of specialized block & wire mesh finishes. Scope included design, engineering, permitting, off-site utility tie-ins, significant retaining wall construction, relocation of the adjacent street, shoring, mass excavation, and future accommodations for enclosing/securing the parking garage.



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