Parking Structures

ARB Structures is an award-winning specialist in long-span, cast-in-place concrete parking structures. Since 1996 we have completed more than 100 of these projects throughout California for a variety of clients. Our proprietary aluminum beam form system provides options to our clients as it cycles in half the time of our competitors traditional steel form system. This technology gives us the ability to double production with the addition of a single form set.

Structural Concrete

In addition to our traditional parking structure work we also specialize in complex structural concrete projects. We self-perform all form work, concrete placing and finishing with our own highly-trained people who are the best in the business. ARB is recognized for its ability to complete these projects in the most cost-effective and timely fashion.

Automated Parking

Automated mechanical parking structures utilize computer-controlled lifts and shuttles to transport vehicles from an arrival point to a remote storage without human assistance. ARB has been involved in this segment of the parking industry for many years and offers a turn-key solution based on the best technology available. We are working with all of the current designers and manufacturers of these systems to keep abreast of this evolving market. 



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